4 Wheaton College football players plead not guilty in alleged...

4 Wheaton College football players plead not guilty in alleged assault on fellow student

Four of the five Wheaton College football players facing felony charges for allegedly assaulting another student pleaded not guilty this morning. The five athletes were suspended from the football team at the Christian school after being charged with aggravated battery, mob action and unlawful restraint. The alleged incident happened in March 2016 in Wheaton, Illinois, during which a man said he was taken forcefully out of his dorm room, restrained against his will and left at a baseball field

23 Ekim 2017 - 21:42

The alleged victim told school investigators he was in a dorm when several people burst in, held him down, "violently" pulled his arms behind him and wrapped duct tape around his ankles and wrists, according to an investigation report obtained by ABC News.

The attackers put a pillowcase on his head and duct-taped it, and put him into a car, the alleged victim told investigators.

The alleged victim told investigators his attackers attempted to sexually assault him with an object, and that he was also punched and slapped.


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