Relax Rent a Car Skopje Airport - Macedonia

Relax Rent a Car Skopje Airport - Macedonia

The population of Macedonia is composed of 60% Macedonian Christian Orthodox, 30 % Muslim Albanians, 4% Turks, and other nationalities like Serbs, Bosnians.

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On the South of Vardar river in Skopje lives the Albanians and the Turks and on the North of the river lives the Macedons. The currency which is use in the country is called Dinar. 1 Euro is 61.5 Dinars. Before I go to Macedonia I made an online car reservation from internet and I would like to suggest you that if you want to rent a car in a cheaper way just visit these two web pages and these two web pages are really cheaper than other international brands but they are giving the same quality of service and at least 20% cheaper than other companies which are in Macedonia.  


Skopje as I mentioned is divided into two different parts by the river Vardar, and one side the South side is where the old tow is located and the North part where you can see modern Buildings. The old part is really beautiful and I strongly suggest you to go there and have a launch or a diner in Kebap restaurants or try local meal called Tafce Grafce with Sopska salata, and order for yourself a Macedonian drink called Rakija. Almost all restaurants in old Turkish bazaar are serving these meats and drinks and they are huge served. Also if you ask somebody for rent a car they will show you Macedonia Rent a car Relax they are the owners of these two web pages rent a car skopje airport and rent a car ohrid they are well known in Skopje and you can pick up your car in Skopje airport ( International Aleksandar the Great Airport) as well. The meat is as I have mentioned they are huge and really cheap compared with Western European Countries standard. For one weak it is enough 350 -400 euros where you can live like kings. The unemployment rate in the country is almost 30% , it is a small country with 2 Million population. In 1991 they have separated from Yugoslavia and gained their independence in the same year. GPD per Capita is 4500 Dollars. 

People in this country there are really friendly. I am happy that I have been in this country and I do suggest you have any opportunity to visit. 


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