Here’s where 26 towns stand on legal weed

Here's where 26 towns stand on legal weed

10 Mayıs 2018 - 02:00

NOTE: This story was originally published on March 25, but has since been updated since more towns have taken a position on marijuana.

Marijuana legalization has been one of the hottest issues in New Jersey since Phil Murphy took over in Trenton this year. At first he said he'd get it done in 100 days, but he has since walked that back, saying he wanted legalization by the end of the year.

Despite a handful of plans from lawmakers, legalization is likely still months away -- if not more -- in New Jersey. But that hasn't stopped several towns from taking a position, even before they have any idea what the rules will be.

Has your town taken a stance? See below.

Andre Malok | NJ Advance Media
Towns that have already said no

The first towns listed are those that have already approved a measure that would ban or discourage marijuana businesses from locating within their borders. Some have tweaked their zoning laws, others have approved a blanket ban.

  • County: Ocean County
  • Population: 41,554
  • Date passed: Jan. 22

  • County: Somerset County
  • Population: 44,999
  • Date passed: April 16. Bridgewater's council did not ban marijuana businesses, but passed a resolution in opposition of marijuana legalization in New Jersey.
Andre Malok | NJ Advance Media
  • County: Bergen County
  • Population: 6,249
  • Date passed: May 3


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