Shore towns issuing most parking tickets

Shore towns issuing most parking tickets

10 Haziran 2018 - 02:00

We all know the drill.

Load up the car. Don't forget the beach chairs, towels, sunscreen, umbrella, and oh yeah, the money to feed the parking meters.

That's usually the way it goes in a mission to take the beach like stormtroopers on a mission to save humanity.

Of course, the downside of not being prepared with all the essentials — especially the cash or in some towns, being hip to paying meters through phone apps — is the fine, preferably without the Monopoly-era command to "Go straight to jail."

But fear not.

We've calculated how many tickets Jersey shore towns write per square mile and ranked them from 44, the least likely place you'll get a shore ticket, to the No. 1 town for papering over cars.

So, kindly add this to your items to not leave home without for a day at the Shore.

Bill Duhart | For
44. Strathmere, Upper Township
Upper Township makes up nearly 69 square miles, but only issues less than a tenth of a ticket per square mile.
Bill Duhart | For
43. Berkeley Twp.

Berkeley is just under 56 square miles.

Bill Duhart | For
42. Barnegate Light

Barnegat Light is just under 1 square mile.


Bill Duhart | For
41. Harvey Cedars

Harvey Cedars is just over 1 square mile.


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