We tried IHOP’s (fine, IHOb’s) stupid burgers

We tried IHOP's (fine, IHOb's) stupid burgers

goodmorning to everyone except the person that thought it was a good idea to change IHOP to IHOB

13 Haziran 2018 - 02:00

Alright, IHOb, we bit.

The beloved pancake restaurant flipped the P in its name to a b, going from the International House of Pancakes to the … drum roll … International House of Burgers on Monday in a gimmicky-brilliant move to highlight those offerings.

The internet exploded with the change — some calling it smart marketing while others, well, weren’t quite so nice.

goodmorning to everyone except the person that thought it was a good idea to change IHOP to IHOB

-- john (@jjohnschulz) June 11, 2018

Made a pie chart to illustrate how often I will refer to IHOP as @IHOb pic.twitter.com/VNtMC9QhLe

-- Kyle Shipp (@Kyles_Hipp) June 11, 2018

Not really afraid of the burgers from a place that decided pancakes were too hard.

-- Wendy's (@Wendys) June 11, 2018

Quickly we decided: The only way to cover this fracas was from the gut level. We rallied our troops and went to the frontlines. We ordered and, yes, ate all of IHOb’s burgers.

It was a tough job, but someone had to do it. When the final bite was tested, we reached one clear consensus: We still want pancakes.

Journalism. pic.twitter.com/5aE2pHLfuh

-- Jeremy Schneider (@J_Schneider) June 11, 2018
What it was like at IHOb on Burger Day

We tried to order online, but the website wouldn’t work. Due to demand, could it be? No matter, we called and dealt with a pleasant employee, who only balked when we asked that the burgers be cut into quarters.

“We could, but it will look like diarrhea,” the voice on the line replied.

Well then. Whole it is.

A half-hour later, inside the Edison IHOb (note: the main signs were not changed to reflect the “new” name), the parking lot was packed and the dining room buzzing. Were they eating burgers? Nah, we didn’t see any other brave souls. An employee claimed they had been popular. We remain suspicious.

The car ride back to the office was aromatic, tantalizing, like we’d come back from afar with exotic goods. Except they were burgers. From IHOP.



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