Winning ticket sold in Massachusetts for $758.7 million Powerball...

Winning ticket sold in Massachusetts for $758.7 million Powerball jackpot

Winning ticket sold in Massachusetts for $758.7 million Powerball jackpot

24 Ağustos 2017 - 14:13

The winning ticket for Wednesday's $758.7 million Powerball jackpot was sold in Massachusetts, lottery officials have confirmed.

The ticket was sold at Handy Variety in Watertown, located about 20 minutes west of Boston.

"There was one Powerball jackpot winner Wednesday and 9,397,723 additional players won prizes totaling more than $135 million," according to the Powerball website. "The estimated jackpot will be reset to $40 million."

The numbers for the jackpot -- the second-largest Powerball jackpot in history -- were drawn Wednesday night.

The numbers drawn were 6, 7, 16, 23, 26. The Powerball was 4.

The $758.7 million jackpot is second only to a $1.6 billion prize shared by three people in January 2016.

The current jackpot refers to the annuity option, doled out in 30 payments over 29 years, increasing 5 percent annually. Nearly all winners favor the cash option, which would now be $443.3 million.

As ABC News reported Wednesday morning, Powerball officials told ABC News they expected to sell 170 million tickets between last Saturday and tonight's drawing.

The odds of matching all six numbers are only one in 292.2 million -- but the odds of winning another prize are a bit more encouraging.

Powerball is played in 44 states plus Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, all of which collectively oversee the game.

ABC News' Kelly McCarthy contributed to this report.


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