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10 losers in new school funding plan

10 losers in new school funding plan
29 Haziran 2018 - 02:00
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The new school funding plan approved by state lawmakers last week has some huge winners, but it also has some definitive losers. 

The proposal on Gov. Phil Murphy's desk is aimed at making up for years of underfunding and inequity. 

The school districts that will gain the most money have been chronically underfunded by the state, according to New Jersey's school funding formula. 

On the flip side, the school districts that will lose the most have been receiving more aid than the school funding formula says they need. In many cases, those districts should have seen a reduction in state aid several years ago, lawmakers said. 

Here's the list of the 10 school districts that would see the largest percentage decrease in state aid for the upcoming school year. Scroll farther down to see the biggest dollar decreases. 

1. Bloomsbury School District: 39 percent less

2017-18 aid: $1 million 

Proposed aid: $632,463

2. Deal School District: 37.1 percent less

2017-18 aid: $317,173

Proposed aid: $199,415


3. Beach Haven School District: 30.3 percent less 

2017-18 aid: $61,760

Proposed aid: $43,073

4. Lafayette Township School District: 11.9 percent less

2017-18 aid: $484,918

Proposed aid: $427,217


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