35 restaurants in Asbury Park, ranked
19 Mayıs 2018 - 02:00

To many of us New Jerseyans, a summer pilgrimage to the Jersey Shore means “vacation” and “vacation” means “food.”

And over the last decade, the revitalized beach-city burg of Asbury Park has cultivated an identity as the bar-none foodie destination at the Jersey Shore. It seems a trendy, new restaurant pops up on Ocean or Cookman Avenue every month, touting a stellar reputation and reviews.

So, how can you choose as you prepare your visit this summer? Let me, an Asbury Park local and frequenter of the city’s blooming food scene, be your guide as we rank all 35 table-service restaurants in Asbury Park, from worst to best. Which is your favorite? Tell us in the comments.

35. Cielito Lindo

1206 Main St.

This new spot on Main Street looks pretty on the outside, but inside serves over-sauced, under-flavored and soulless Mexican cuisine. Barely passable as take-out, a huge letdown as a sit-down restaurant. BYOB.

You gotta try: Plaza Tapatia — the restaurant down the street.

34. Kim Marie's Eat N Drink Away

1411 Kingsley St.

A vaguely Irish restaurant on the northern end of the city, with a deathly quiet front dining room and food that’s either terribly bland or greasy. The shepherd’s pie was average at best, as was the service. Sorry to say the worst locale in our bar ranking doesn’t fare much better here.

You gotta try: The pulled pork and cheddar grilled cheese ($11), with a side of Pepto Bismol.


33. Capitoline

639 Cookman Ave.

When the locally worshipped dive Bond Street Bar and Grill first expanded to “The Complex” in 2016, its Italian cousin Capitoline was a gem: cheap, tasty pizzas, pastas and meatballs. The menu has since expanded, the prices have increased and the quality has plummeted. Easily the biggest disappointment on this list.

You gotta try: Two years ago, I would’ve said the meatball parm sub. Now, I'm at a loss.  


32. Belmonte's

632 Cookman Ave.

For years, I’d driven by this nondescript Italian restaurant on Cookman and wondered why I’d never tried it. Now I know: it’s just okay. It’s cozy inside, with a classic neighborhood feel, but our chicken was dry, pasta over-salted and the risotto was unfortunately undercooked. For the upscale price-point you can do much better around town.

You gotta try: The portobello mushroom appetizer, topped with spinach, grilled eggplant and mozzarella ($12).




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