Ash awaiting charges in credit-card scam

Ash awaiting charges in credit-card scam

25 Temmuz 2018 - 02:00

CHICAGO — It's been 11 days since NJ Advance Media first reported that the university's police department is investigating eight Rutgers football players for credit card fraud.

Rutgers coach Chris Ash declined comment on the report, but the university confirmed the investigation on July 13 and a spokesperson said school officials wouldn't comment until the probe concludes.


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So where does the investigation stand with the Scarlet Knights now 11 days away from beginning their third preseason camp under Ash?

Ash, in an interview with select reporters prior to his Big Ten Media Day press conference Monday afternoon, offered his first public comments on the subject.

"A situation occurred in the spring that we were made aware of in May,'' Ash said. "And details started coming out here in July. There is still an ongoing investigation and that’s really all I can tell you as far as how we’ve gotten to today.''

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Pressed for a timeline, Ash said: "I have no idea. It’s not something I’ve been involved in from the start. It’s not something that I’m involved in currently. The legal process is running its course and eventually it’ll all come out at some point.''

In a wide-ranging interview with NJ Advance Media, Rutgers Athletics Director Pat Hobbs said school officials are taking a wait-and-see approach as authorities conduct the probe.

"We’re just waiting to hear back from RUPD and the folks who are looking into this and continue to cooperate in every way we can, and just waiting until we hear the outcome of it,'' Hobbs said. "We were informed by RUPD in late spring that there was an investigation underway. Things seemed to move a little bit more briskly in recent weeks. I assumed they were doing that you would do during the course of an investigation. There’s probably interviews and IT things that had to be done. We basically responded to information as we received it.''


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