Browns’ Damarious Randall on the hook for millions if Cavs win

Browns' Damarious Randall on the hook for millions if Cavs win

30 Mayıs 2018 - 02:00

Cleveland Browns safety Damarious Randall may have to dig deep into his wallet if the Cleveland Cavaliers win the NBA championship. Randall has promised everyone on Twitter who retweeted the following that he would buy them a jersey -- if the Cavs beat the Golden State Warriors in the Finals.

As of Tuesday morning, Randall had 72,801 retweets, and the number was growing fast. In 30 minutes the number of retweets went from 65,000 to almost 73,000. At an average cost of $99.99 on the NFL Shop, he's committed to $7.279 million in jerseys. Randall's promise was borne out of his apparent support for Stephen Curry and the Warriors.

The Browns new free safety, acquired from the Packers in an offseason trade, stirred up the hornet's nest that is Cleveland fandom by blatantly rooting for the Warriors, to the point of almost taunting Cleveland fans on Twitter.

Though some fans understood Randall has no obligation to root for the Cleveland teams, others were not pleased.

One fan responded to the jersey post by saying "Zero chance he delivers." To which Randall responded:

Randall, who grew up in Pensacola, Florida, did tweet that LeBron James deserved the MVP award, and that he would have pulled for the Cavs if Houston had won. Now he's evidently going to have courtside seats for two games while cheering for Curry and playing for the Browns.



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