Get ready for a big burst of pollen

Get ready for a big burst of pollen

03 Nisan 2018 - 02:00

Coughing, sneezing, itchy-red eyes, a stuffy nose. Antihistamine anyone?

That’s right New Jersey, allergy season is upon us. So say goodbye to the flu, and hello to pollen.

Each year, millions of people welcome spring’s beauty with equal scorn because of the misery pollen brings.

Some of that nasty pollen was already supposed to be here by now, but the snow and persistent cold weather have delayed the season. 

But, with temperatures expected to warm in the coming days, the pollen will arrive in a forceful wave, experts say.

So for all you allergy sufferers out there whose nasal tracts woo pollen like a magnet, it’s time to start stock up on that Benadryl.

When is the pollen going to hit?

Donald J. Dvorin, a Mount Laurel-based allergy specialist, said he expects a significant uptick in pollen within the next two weeks.

“We are beyond the usual time — very odd this year,” Dvorin said. “But, (we’re) getting ready for an increase in temperature — which is crucial for trees in pollination.”

How bad is this year going to be?

Good question. Some experts say it it's unclear at this point. But Dvorin, who is also a certified pollen counter, said New Jersey could see some significant pollen counts this season.

"It is a really hard call, but I would say high because of so much moisture," he said.


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