How beach-goers are ticking off commuters

How beach-goers are ticking off commuters

I’m not sure I’m going to survive day trippers, rollerbags, and baby interns on #NJTransit this summer

22 Temmuz 2018 - 02:00

Summer’s here, school’s out and the vacation season is in full swing, which brings out the dreaded day tripper.

The rest of us who still have to travel to work dread encountering the day tripper, who seems to have shifted into a languid, lazy vacation mode. 

I’m not sure I’m going to survive day trippers, rollerbags, and baby interns on #NJTransit this summer

— Michelle Lynn (@michlynng) June 29, 2018

It doesn’t sound like an issue until it becomes one. You sudden roll up on a car loafing in the left lane that won’t move over to let traffic by. A group of four on the train acts like they just boarded a cruise ship and are in full, loud party mode.

Sooner or later, we’ll all be day trippers.

But we don’t have to be the train jerk, the bad Bennie, the stupid Shobee, or the left lane bandit. Try these suggestions to avoid getting on the nerves of our fellow travelers.    

feet on seats screen Shot .png
Public transit isn't your living room.

You’ve decided to ditch the car and traffic, but public transit has rules, too.

The first is that it’s not your private party bus. I cannot stress this enough, do not behave like the train or bus is your living room, especially during peak commuting hours, or you'll incur the wrath of the public.

7 yappy #daytrippers just got on the 7:12 out of Trenton. This is gonna be a looooong trip#njtransit

— NJTrainDelays (#TranslatingTrump) (@NJTrainDelays) November 30, 2017

Your ticket is for a ride, it’s not an all access pass to a rolling theme park. Do the following things to stay on the good side your fellow passengers.

@NJTRANSIT this is what I see every morning on the NJCoast 3204 train. He sits in front of the sign that says no feet on seats w/ both feet on the seat & the Conductors say nothing! #NoRegardForDecency

-- CoastieMama (@coastie_mama) February 2, 2018
Shoes on, feet down.

No feet on seats. Those Manolo Blahniks may be stunning, but those stylish shoes don't deserve their own seat.

No one wants to sit on a seat that has the same street gunk that was on the bottom of your shoe. And bare feet are worse. For the love of humanity, no bare feet on the seats. Because of courtesy, bacteria and it's disgusting. 

Put your feet on the seat at the risk of being shamed on social media, especially if you take those shoes off to let those dogs breathe. 

Think we're kidding? Go on Twitter and type in #garbagepeopleofnjtransit or #trainjerk and take a look. Shoes on, dignity intact.    

PATH bag on seat .jpg

(Larry Higgs | NJ Advance Media for

The one seat rule.

Train and bus seats are at a premium during rush hour and nothing infuriates a commuter than to have to stand while someone’s precious Coach bag takes up a seat.

If you didn’t buy an extra ticket for your bag, it doesn’t get a seat. Stow bags and backpacks in the overhead rack.

If you don’t heed this advice, you’re on your own. Some commuters angrily said they'll sit on a bag if it’s not moved.    

Put the brakes on the bar car.

A nice feature about riding the train is being able to enjoy an adult beverage. The key words are “enjoy” and “adult.” The bar car your dad rode in is gone and you’re riding with the general public who may not enjoy your Ashton Kutcher like antics.

Two drunk guys are loudly singing “Superfreak” on NJ Transit.

It’s 4 pm on a Tuesday.

— Steph Petit (@stephpetit_) June 26, 2018

Keep a lid on the Miller Lite and your behavior. Remember that NJ Transit bans all beverages on the bus and extends that ban to train on certain dates. Know before you pop that beer open, bro.


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