How Chrissy Teigen overcomes feeling 'inadequate'

As a celebrity mother, Chrissy Teigen knows what it feels like to be mom-shamed by

How Chrissy Teigen overcomes feeling 'inadequate'
26 Şubat 2020 - 20:59

As a celebrity mother, Chrissy Teigen knows what it feels like to be mom-shamed by complete strangers online and, although she’s figured out ways to deal with that unwarranted negative feedback about her parenting, it has also left her feeling “inadequate” on occasion.

During an interview with In The Know’s Gibson Johns in support of Pampers’ “Share the Love” campaign last week, the mother of two shared how she’s fighting back against the “standards” that are placed on fellow moms out there.

“This especially resonated with me, because obviously being mom-shamed, [you go] through periods of time where you feel you’re inadequate or maybe not doing your best or worrying that you’re not the best mom out there,” Teigen told ITK. “It just went along with the campaign, because we realized that 9 out of 10 moms actually feel like they’re not doing their best. They feel inadequate or not up to par or up to standards. Who’s to say who even sets these standards?”

“We’re basically just trying to get people to share the love, use the hashtag, motivate other moms, bring positivity, vent together, complain together and love together because, honestly, our one common bond is that we all love our babies,” she went on. “We’re all completely enamored with our own children to the point where it’s insufferable. But to be able to come together and share the little grievances and the things that drive us crazy while still being able to feel like you’re still a human person who hasn’t lost their entire identity is really important.”

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