How to secure your beach umbrella

How to secure your beach umbrella

19 Temmuz 2018 - 02:00

When a 67-year-old woman from England was impaled in the ankle by a beach umbrella in Seaside Heights on Monday, it wasn't the first time a gust of wind at the beach has left a sunbather with serious — or even fatal — injuries.

When wind speeds pick up, and umbrellas are not secured, they can become projectile objects that can cause serious harm. 

Two summers ago, a woman was killed by a windblown umbrella on Virginia Beach. The summer before, in a similar incident, a man lost his eye on Bethany Beach, Delaware.  In Ocean City, Maryland, in 2010, an umbrella took flight and pierced a woman's thigh, nearly severing her femoral artery.

Not only can unsecured umbrellas prove to be lethal, there can also be legal repercussions.

Before you settle into your beach chair, here are some tips to protect not only your family and friends but the people around you.

This is what you don't want to happen

Kind of funny, but also a little terrifying, right?

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First things first. Anchor it down

Seaside Heights Beach Patrol Captain Rob Connor says it is essential to make sure the umbrella is anchored correctly to prevent it from being uplifted and flying away.

“Making sure your umbrella is well anchored in the sand is the most important thing, and make sure it can down as far as you can,” said Connor. “Obviously, the heavier the wind, the better the anchor needs to be.”

Umbrellas can be anchored with specialized umbrella anchors, sandbags, and other items to keep them in place. 

Watch how it's done


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