I had a personal terrorist’: Ex-wife of Arizona killing-spree...

I had a personal terrorist': Ex-wife of Arizona killing-spree suspect

The ex-wife of a man who allegedly went on a killing spree last week in Arizona said he was her "personal terrorist" and that she and her son spent the last nine years living in fear for their lives. Dr. Connie Jones said her ex-husband, Dwight Lamon Jones, 56, told her that she was "his property" and threatened that he was either going to kill her if she left him or commit suicide after slaying her and their son.

14 Haziran 2018 - 04:21

"This tragedy has profoundly affected me and my son, firstly because we know that we were the primary target for Dwight Jones and we are very grateful to be alive today," Connie Jones said Tuesday at a press conference. "Secondly, we feel great sorrow for the families and for the victims -- six innocent people who were killed at the hand of a maniac."

Dwight Jones died June 4 at an Extended Stay America hotel in Scottsdale after a police standoff, officials said. Jones, who allegedly fired at officers, was gassed, and a robot was sent inside, where he later was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot.

"His death, I think, is the best thing that's come out of this whole ordeal, and I hope that where he's going he will finally get what he deserves," his ex-wife said.


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