Insane, gross claims from police lawsuit

Insane, gross claims from police lawsuit

22 Mayıs 2018 - 02:00

Sexual harassment. Homophobic games. Racial slurs. Testicles on a soda can. A chief who points his gun at his officers. A computer riddled with porn viruses. And, to top it all off, a big blue dildo.

These are among the many, many antics alleged by Mountainside police officers and borough employees against other officers in a recently filed lawsuit — a 46-page tale that suggests the craziest things happening in the teeny, sleepy, fewer-than-7,000-residents borough of Mountainside have been occurring inside the police department.

In official statements, Mountainside's mayor and police commissioner said some of the allegations were made in February and the borough hired experts to investigate them. Those claims were also referred to the Union County prosecutor and some unspecified action was taken in response, the statements said.

The two officers at the center of the suit and the police chief have been put on paid leave as the investigation continues. None of the officers involved returned our requests for comment.

Here are the claims from the lawsuit. Stories that, if true, put every slapstick cop movie ever made to shame.


From left: Lt. Thomas Murphy, Chief Allan Attanasio, Detective Sgt. Andrew Huber. (Mountainside police Facebook page)

The tale of Big Blue, the dildo that terrorized police headquarters

First we meet "Big Blue," a large dildo and for sure the most memorable character in the lawsuit. 

The suit says the dildo's owner is, ironically, an internal affairs officer, the head of the detective bureau, the PBA's 2014 "Cop of the Year" and, at one point, the school district's resource officer, Detective Sgt. Andrew Huber.

Huber, 44, allegedly would "wave around Big Blue, throw it within the detective bureau and throw it at people walking past the detective bureau." When he was not waving it around, it had a home in a coffee mug, according to the suit. 

Other Big Blue allegations from the lawsuit: 

  • That Huber slammed Big Blue against a wall near a dispatcher's head, saying, "I have something for you, and it's blue," all while another officer, Lt. Thomas Murphy, 54, the second highest ranking officer in the department, encouraged him, saying, "Get him. What's it smell like? I hope it doesn't smell like what I think it smells like," or words to that effect. 

  • That Huber chased the borough's fire chief, Anthony Pecorelli, with Big Blue, all while current Chief Allan Attanasio "chanted words of encouragement, including 'Get him!' and 'Put it in his mouth!'"

  • That the fire chief, in turn, once put on another officer's raincoat and "threaded Big Blue through one of the openings at crotch level" and then began to swing it in a fire official's face.
Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 8.38.13 AM.png

Sgt. Huber, the Mountainside PBA's 2014 "Cop of the Year" removes Big Blue from a filing cabinet. 

Twice officers attempted to get rid of "Big Blue," by throwing it in the garbage, but "notwithstanding the foregoing, Big Blue once again reappeared in the shift commander's office," the lawsuit says.

The suit also says that during a sexual harassment seminar a lawyer explained sex toys were grounds for termination, at which point Huber left the room, and that when another officer complained about Big Blue he was told he needed to "lighten up."

And, yet, another dildo: The suit also claims that at a PBA dinner dance, "in full view of all in attendance," another dildo appeared, brought by Murphy, and that he "waved it above his head and in guests' faces," including directly in front of a fellow officer's wife.

When confronted by the officer, Murphy called the wife a prude, the suit says. 

Surprise, I'm naked

The suit claims that on several occasions Huber would hide quietly in a stall of the men's locker room, completely naked, in the hopes of surprising another officer.

On one occasion a dispatcher almost sat on Huber "due to the surprise of Huber hiding on the toilet," the lawsuit says.

As a result, the dispatcher "was reluctant to use the bathroom at police headquarters out of concern that he would encounter Huber," it says.

It also alleges that Huber, multiple times, stood on bench in the locker room so that when an officer walked in "Huber's penis would be face level to the officer" and that he would also "drop his towel for no reason or bend over while naked and try to cause physical contact."

Finally, it says, Huber would frequently "tuck his penis and testicles between his legs to look like a woman's groin area," and then approach other male officers "and touch or try to touch the officers while he still had his penis and testicles tucked."

One time, he chased a retired corporal "out of the men's locker room, into a common hallway and into the gym" this way, the suit says.


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