Inside Scores strip club in Atlantic City

Inside Scores strip club in Atlantic City

19 Temmuz 2018 - 02:00

I went to the strip club with Fetty Wap last week. 

Or, I should say, the famous N.J.-native rapper showed up with an entourage while I just so happened to be at Scores Atlantic City, aka the pastie-palace that the new Hard Rock Casino & Hotel never wanted. (More on that in a minute.)

The multi-roomed, 36,000-square-foot megaclub, the Jersey outpost of the NYC hotspot, was about as exciting as the buffet line until he showed up.

Here's how the night went and what to expect inside.


(Jessica Remo | NJ Advance Media for

The controversy

When the family-friendly Hard Rock bought the former Trump Taj Mahal, execs wanted to pull the plug on the T-and-A-fest that is Scores, but a court ruled the new casino would have to honor the club's unexpired lease.

The lawsuit said that Scores threatened Hard Rock's "ability to open on schedule and operate without impediment or potential denigration of its brand," but was dismissed in February.

My brain does backflips trying to solve the riddle of why Hard Rock was so salty about inheriting this place. A strip club and an Atlantic City casino? Give me a more organic pairing. The ocean and the shore? The parkway and traffic? Seagulls and boardwalk french fries? I mean, c'mon. 

The bad blood also means you have to search the entire casino to find the place, because Hard Rock doesn't have a single sign pointing you there. Commence the stripper hunt.


The entrance to Scores inside the Hard Rock. (Jessica Remo | NJ Advance Media for

Holy $20 cover

Twenty freaking dollars each? On a Tuesday?

Yup, that was the cover. When I got inside and the place was dead (it was only 11 p.m.), all I could think was, shouldn't they have been begging people to come in and fill the space?

(Note: There's some kind of "door pass" email offer on, but I couldn't get it to work.)

I sat at the bar and ordered a Red Bull and vodka (don't judge me; I needed to stay caffeinated) — another $17 bucks. Geez. 

But before I could let that get the best of me, a super nice manager, Raphael, introduced himself and offered a tour. (Disclaimer: No one at Scores knew I was coming to review the place.)

Away we went. 


(Frank Weiss | Courtesy of Scores)

The sports bar

First, he brought me to The Spread, the club's sports bar area. 

It was really nicely decorated, lots of flatscreens, even a humidor with cigars for sale. This definitely didn't feel like part of strip club. 


(Frank Weiss | Courtesy of Scores)

The awesome outdoor patio

Just off the sports bar is an outdoor bar with a deck overlooking the boardwalk and the ocean. It was expansive, beautiful and perfect for people-watching with lots of seating.


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