N.J. connections to Augusta National

N.J. connections to Augusta National

05 Nisan 2018 - 02:00

AUGUSTA, Ga. -- If the grass always seems like it's greener at the Masters, know that Rutgers -- yes, Rutgers -- is responsible for making that happen.

Since the 1970s, rye grass seeds developed on the university's farms have been used everywhere at Augusta National, helping the famous golf course -- which, as always, will be the site of the Masters this week -- maintain its almost too-perfect visage for golf fans and the CBS cameras. 

New Jersey is hundreds of miles away from this small Georgia city, but the state has its share of unique connections to the golf club.

A legendary but troubled New Jersey amateur once partied in the Crow's Nest, the top-floor lodging at the clubhouse. A businessman from Plainfield once owned the land that the course would later occupy. And a player in the 1869 Rutgers-Princeton game would become one of the founding members with legendary golfer Bobby Jones.

New Jersey won't have a golfer in the 2018 Masters, but there are plenty of connection. Scroll below to read about nine of them. 


The tee boxes. The fairways. The rough. All that beautiful, dark green, dense turf was developed at Rutgers, which has provided the finest perennial ryegrass to Augusta National since the 1970s. The seeds are developed on a 30-acre farm located off Ryders Lane and at the university's 200-acre Adelphia farm in Freehold. 

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In short: Everything green that you see at the Masters this week are Rutgers rye grasses, except for the actual greens themselves (they're creeping bentgrass, in case you really want to impress your friends). The labs at Rutgers are continually improving on the seeds, with the newest and best varieties sent to Augusta National for the groundskeepers to use for overseeding in preparation for the winter. 



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