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Texas San Antonio's Love Lock Bridge

Secret River Walk 'lock bridge' becoming international symbol of love.

Texas San Antonio's Love Lock Bridge
08 Ocak 2021 - 01:32 - Güncelleme: 08 Ocak 2021 - 03:30
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Esra Öziskender, @esraoziskender (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter) [email protected], whatsap: +1 (347) 261-2236

I visited San Antonio, Texas last month early December 2020. I was walking around River Walk then I came accross a bridge with full of padlocks and all sorts of different locks. I saw the same one in Paris years ago. 

You can watch my video from my instagram page and youtube account:



A nondescript fence along the banks of the San Antonio River near the Bexar County Courthouse Wedding Chapel has been adopted by lovers and is festooned with locks that have been inscribed with initials and anniversary dates.  

It's unclear when the local version began or who the first couple was, but searching either the hashtag #SALoveLockBridge or the chapel location on Instagram reveals a few sweet shares. 

But the bridge is getting more attention now that a video Facebook post from March by a woman named Vanessa Keebler has garnered more than 1 million views. Another 4,000 people have tapped their significant others into the conversation by tagging their names in the comment section below Keebler's post. (Madalyn Mendoza, San Antonio Express-News)


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