The 20 least educated towns in New Jersey

The 20 least educated towns in New Jersey

10 Nisan 2018 - 02:00

New Jersey is a little smarter than the rest of the nation.

Well, maybe not smarter — we've all seen that driver who can't remember what a blinker is for and cuts you off with no warning (not that I'm bitter or anything) — but we are more educated.

About 37 percent of the state's adults age 25 and over have a college education, compared to 29 percent in the U.S. overall, according to the 2012-2016 Census snapshot.

New Jersey has the third-highest household income in the nation, making college more accessible to young adults and working residents continuing their education. (In January, we took a look at the most educated towns in the state.)

In contrast, the least educated municipalities are some of the poorest in the state, where a combination of low income, lack of affordable colleges, and language and legal barriers make it harder to earn a degree. Here's the least educated communities in New Jersey:

A note about the data: Data from the 2012-2016 American Community Survey on educational attainment for residents over the age of 25. Municipalities with a high margin of error were excluded.

20. Monroe township, Gloucester County

Bachelor's or higher: 24.5 percent

Graduate degrees: 7.5 percent

19. North Plainfield borough, Somerset County

Bachelor's or higher: 24.1 percent

Graduate degrees: 8.1 percent

18. Willingboro township, Burlington County

Bachelor's or higher: 23.5 percent

Graduate degrees: 8.5 percent

17. Kearny town, Hudson County

Bachelor's or higher: 23.1 percent

Graduate degrees: 6.9 percent


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