The 25 least diverse towns in New Jersey

The 25 least diverse towns in New Jersey

13 Mart 2018 - 02:00

When it comes to race, these towns are the exceptions.

New Jersey is a fairly diverse state. It's only 57 percent white, according to the most recent Census data. Among school-age children, white residents are now in the minority, although they still form the largest racial or ethnic group in the state ahead of Hispanic children.

But New Jersey is more diverse in sum than in the daily lives of its residents. The state is heavily segregated, with minority populations concentrated in more densely populated areas. One way to measure diversity is called the diversity index, which answers the question: If you picked two Jersey residents at random, what are the chances of them being of a different race?


These municipalities are the ones where that chance is lowest. They're mostly rural or located in rural counties, and are mostly white — although there are 25 majority-minority towns in New Jersey, five of which have a diversity index less than .33.

With the white population falling, the less diverse towns in the state might not be that way much longer. If you're curious, here are the most diverse towns in New Jersey. 

A note about the data: Comparisons use the 2012-2016 American Community Survey snapshot and the 2007-2011 snapshot. Calculations include the percentages of white, black, Hispanic and Asian residents to find the diversity index, using the equation created by USA Today. Municipalities with small populations often result in high margins of error and were excluded from this analysis.

25. Woodbury Heights, Gloucester County

Diversity index: 0.114

23. Pine Beach, Ocean County

Diversity index: 0.112

Pine Beach is one of only a handful of towns on this list that has gained population, with a 4 percent increase from 2007-2011.

23. Gibbsboro, Camden County

Diversity index: 0.112


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