The most expensive N.J. restaurants

The most expensive N.J. restaurants

Duck Confit [?] [?]

22 Nisan 2018 - 02:00

Ready to break the bank for some bites, New Jersey? While a standard meal out is nice, some occasions call for something decadent, delicious and expensive. Whether it's a birthday or a promotion, sometimes you have to go above and beyond.

The formula for determining the most expensive restaurants was simple. We found the average prices at every restaurant, and then found the total price for two apps, two entrees, two drinks and a dessert. If restaurants exclusively had prix fixe menus, we went with that. 

So get your appetites, and your wallets ready, Garden State. Here are some of the most expensive restaurants New Jersey has to offer.


Duck Confit [?] [?]

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I’m honestly not even sure what black garlic is, but it sounds incredible on a dry-aged sirloin. Bank account may be hurting, but your stomach will be pleased.
Most expensive appetizer: Five-piece artisanal cheese plate ($19)
Most expensive entrée: Dry-aged sirloin ($49)
Most expensive side dish: Roasted wild mushroom ($10)
Dinner for two: $109 without dessert


The art of Italian taste

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Decadent pasta dishes combined with a versatile selection of beef, pork and fish? Yes, please.
Most expensive appetizer: Gamberi e Funghi alla Griglia  ($17)
Most expensive entrée: NY Strip Piemontese ($46)
Most expensive wine: 1988 Château Petrus Bourdexu ($2,100)
Dinner for two: $137

Order a la carte or chose from one of several tasting menu options, which are full of interesting seafood choices like a lobster chowder made with coconut and lemongrass.
Most expensive appetizer: Crab cake ($20)
Most expensive entrée: Roasted lamb rack or Roasted lobster (both $40)
Want a taste?: There is an $89 tasting menu offered, with an optional wine pairing for an extra 39 dollars. On Saturdays, there’s a fixed price menu of $69 per person for three courses.
Dinner for two: $145

A smaller menu, but every dish looks pretty incredible. This may also be the only restaurant on the list that serves kombucha.
Most expensive appetizer: Tuna crude nicoise ($18)
Most expensive entrée: Veal chop ($50)
Most expensive wine: Technically a BYO, but the restaurant also serves as a showroom for the boutique winery Dominico. The most expensive of their bottles, a pinot noir, is $36
Dinner for two: $146


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