We ranked all 47 bars in Asbury Park
26 Ağustos 2018 - 02:00


If you’re heading out for a night on the town in Asbury Park, prepare to argue with your friends, at least for a little while, about where the heck to go within the Jersey Shore’s hottest nightlife scene.

Downtown on Cookman Avenue and up on the bustling boardwalk, there are dozens of bars, big and small, crowded and empty, terrible and terrific. And nobody wants to endure an annoying, lackluster night out that ends with you blaming your friend for a bad choice when you could’ve gone somewhere awesome.

How about this: Take some advice from a local — me — and check out this updated Asbury Park bar ranking for 2018, with more than 40 watering holes judged on drink quality, service, ambiance, crowd and food availability. After a whole lot of visits, I’m happy to report there’s not only a new worst bar in Asbury Park but a new No. 1! Forget about last year's list! 

Take a look, see what I thought of your go-to A.P. bar (the list begins at 44 because three bars are two-for-one establishments) and let us know in the comments which is your favorite. And of course, please drink responsibly. 

1200 Ocean Ave.

Who drinks here: People who don’t know any better.

The bottom line: Someplace had to be last, and this year the dubious honor goes to Robinson Ale House on the north end of the boardwalk, which just can’t seem to manage how uber-popular its surrounding area has become. The burgers are tasty and there’s a decent beer list, but the service has been brutal on multiple occasions. Wrong drinks, wrong food, orders taking forever, a staff that seems endlessly overwhelmed. No bar in Asbury Park has frustrated me more this summer.

1411 Kingsley St.

Who drinks here: A small crew of regulars plus tourists who didn’t make reservations elsewhere.

The bottom line: At long last, Kim Marie’s is no longer the worst bar in Asbury Park. The place closed briefly this spring to bring in folks from the Point Pleasant Beach restaurant Prime 13 to revamp its menu and train the staff, and the extra hands seem to have paid off. The bartenders are more attentive, the always-robust beer list continues to satisfy, and the menu does better to match the sort of rustic Irish castle vibe going on inside. Dog-friendly outside, too. Just watch out for the fruit flies hanging around the limes.

1114 Main St.

Who drinks here: Hispanic party people.

The bottom line: If you wish to dance to Latin music, go to Cascada. If wish to visit a bar for pretty much any other reason, go somewhere else.


639 Cookman Ave.

Who drinks here: Weekend partiers en route to another bar.

The bottom line: An OK bar plopped within an unimpressive industrial dining room, where the pizza and meatballs are good for soaking up booze and little else. Staff is friendly, beer is reasonably cheap. TVs to watch the game if you don’t wish to deal with Ale House down the street.



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