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Musaf Kızılkaya

Musaf Kızılkaya

Musaf Kızılkaya

Armenian Issue and Peace Spring Operation-The Planning Theater in US House of Representatives Intended For

26 Şubat 2020 - 23:30

Armenian Issue and Peace Spring Operation-The Planning Theater in US House of Representatives Intended For 
Musaf Kizilkaya
The Armenian Issue and groundless genocide claims are the major means by which Turkey is targetedand subjected to psychological pressures and controlled crises... The efforts to promote the so-calledgenocide and the historically unfounded accusations are continuing to bring together the external andinternal forces who are trying to dominate and punish Turkey.The US House of Representatives could not manage to deter the Peace Spring Operation from beingstarted by Turkish Armed Forces with the support of soldiers of the Syrian National Army (SNA) againstYPG/PKK and DAESH terrorist organizations in northern Syria, which was intended to destroy the terrorcorridor desired to be established at the southern borders of Turkey and to redesign the region on thebasis of peace and tranquility. Therefore, the US House of Representatives are now playing the trumpcard of the so-called Armenian genocide against Turkey.When it came to being against Turkey, the democrats and republicans who are still in dispute over theimpeachment of President Trump immediately came together to approve and send the two plansagainst Turkey prepared by the House of Representatives to the Senate. The first one of these plans arein regards to imposing sanctions against Turkey on the grounds of the Peace Spring operation, while thesecond one serves the purpose of promoting the so-called Armenian genocide.If these two plans approved by the house of representatives which is a lower house of the Congress, alsoget approved by the Senate which requires the vote of 67 of the 100 senators, then they are presentedto President Trump for his final approval. The President may approve the decision and enact it orexercise his right to veto. The vetoed law goes to the House of Representatives for ratification and thistime, if it gets a 2/3 majority of the votes in the House of Representatives, it can be enacted againwithout necessitating the president's approval.What are included in the sanction plan of the House of Representatives?

 Sanctions against authorities: In case the plan is approved, within 15 days of it entering into force, TheNational Defense Minister, TAF Chief of General Staff, The 2nd Army Commander, The Treasury andFinance Minister to be prevented from entry into the US and their assets in the United States, if any, tobe frozen.

 If the law enters into force, within a maximum of 120 days, the US Secretary of State, working togetherwith the intelligence service and the Treasury Department, to report on the estimated assets, knownrevenues and investments of President Erdogan and his family.

 Embargo on Weapons: Preventing any American defense means or service provided by the US ArmsExport Control Act from being sent to Turkey for use in TAF's operations in Syria.

 Financial sanctions: If the plan is enacted, within 30 days of its entry into force, Turkish financialinstitutions transferring money to the Turkish army and defense industry to be identified and besubjected to financial sanctions.

 Sanctions against Halkbank: If the plan is enacted, sanctions to be imposed on Halkbank.
The Peace Spring operation which has been started in response/in spite of Trump’s letter
that wasbeyond etiquette rules, caused Turkey to be seated on the target board again. Those who neutralizetheir own terrorists from the other side of the world are expecting Turkey to remain passive against theterror attacks on its doorstep, while accusing Turkey of taking preventive measures for its own safety.The groundless claims that Turks killed innocent people, especially the Kurds living in Syria constitute theprimary accusations made against Turkey. Contrary to the language used in the letter which was writtenin a threatening manner, Trump once again surprised us by stating that Kurds are nowhere close toangels. Then he provocativel
y laughs by saying ‘I Like Oil’ and personally expresses the original intention
of the West that has been the same all along for centuries. They take the oil, whereas we take theresponsibility for undertaking the struggle to bring the innocent people affected by the war back to life

 Senator Lindsey Graham who is on the same wing as Trump is yet another name surprising Turkey.During one of his speeches in the parliament, Senator Graham who led the decision-making behind thecriticism and sanctions against Turkey criticized the US policy towards Syria and addressing the US
Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, he uttered that “Don’t be surprised that the Turks are angry with
us. In response to the weapons US gave to YPG, Turkey must be thinking that this armament efforts are
the stupidest idea in the world and I agree with them”
. At least he had the audacity to express this truthin the House of Representatives.
Moreover, the American Democrat Deputy Steve Cohen, who votes ‘yes’
 to the plan explained it as
“Turkey did not seem to respect the US” which clearly shows that he viewed the matter as
a sanctionrelated to respect.With the decision on the so-called Armenian genocide, it is intended that the events occurring in theOttoman Empire between 1915 and 1923 should be accepted and remembered
as “genocide”.
 TheArmenian Lobby and the clowns affiliated with the Feto Terrorist Organization are raising false claimsthat the Turks are massacring the Syrian civilians, especially the Kurds and they did the exact same thingto Armenians 100 years ago.The ethnicity of the terrorist, who has been deceived as a pawn of different plans that threaten hisexistence, cannot be of any importance. The fight against Tashnaksutyun gangs dating back to 1915 andthe fight against pkk-ypg today are quite the same. On the basis of both fights lays the concerns relatedwith the threats made to the existence of Turkey and only the pawns that they want to put on the fieldchange their names...The Armenians, who received the material and moral support of the Western states and cooperatedwith the invading Russian army, backstabbed Turkish Army and the Dashnak army carried out amassacre by taking advantage of the suitable situation in Turkey.Citizens of the Ottoman Empire organized counter-attacks at times. In order to prevent this situation,the Ottoman Empire migrated Armenians from the regions where they lived to safe areas which wereagain, Ottoman lands.In 2006, I carried out a 15-days research on the Armenian Issue in the Ottoman archives and did notcome across with any document or fact indicating that the Ottoman Government massacred a singleinnocent Armenian, let alone masses.
The district governor of Bogazliyan, Martyr Kemal Bey alongside Urfa Mutasarrifi Nusretbey and
HafızAbdullah avni Divanı who were hoteliers in Erzincan were executed in war
courts, whereas they wereinnocent. The archives are open to all those who are interested...
History cannot be written by voting ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to decisions in parliaments.
 Accusing the Ottoman stateof genocide is far away from historical reality and at the same time, claiming that no Armenians living inthe Ottoman state were killed would not be in line with historical facts either. It is a common tragedythat both sides lost their citizens and that both nations had to suffer unbearable pains. This pain is notthe sole responsibility of Turkey. The main instigators of this tragedy
 Russia and the West were neverheld responsible for what they did.Although there are hundreds of documents in foreign sources, as well as in the Ottoman archives,confirming that there is no systematic genocide against the Armenians as stated by the United NationsCommissariat in the genocide accusation, criticisms with no academic background will continue toexpose Turkey to the controlled crisis.The one and only purpose of these two plans approved by the House of Representatives is, as thesenates expressed, to punish and establish domination over Turkey. With respect to both the PeaceSpring Operation and the so-called Armenian genocide issue, Turkey has used its rights underinternational law and has done/been doing what is required to protect its own safety.