25 best spots in N.J. for outdoor dining

25 best spots in N.J. for outdoor dining

15 Haziran 2018 - 02:00

The sun is shining - finally! - and we all know what that means: Time to eat outside.

New Jersey is packed with al fresco restaurants, with lakes, ocean, woods, gardens, city streets or skylines providing the backdrop. Grab a table at one of these spots, our list of the state's best al fresco restaurants, where the view is as good as - maybe better - than the food.

We all know "al fresco" means "in the fresh air" in Italian (although in Italy the phrase actually means spending time in jail — the "cooler"). The restaurants range from fancy to funky, high-end to low-rent, and are in no particular order — we promise you'll feel liberated at any one of them.

Martell's Waters Edge, Bayville

Martell's Waters Edge is on Barnegat Bay, which guarantees splendid views; you can even tie up your boat at one of the free slips, or use the complimentary water taxi.    

At Martell's, you'll find a bar and a second-story dining room. The menu ranges from a tuna and kimchee spring roll, blue crab bisque and bruschetta salmon, to garlic steak & lobster, Maryland crab cakes and Angry Clams — with Italian sausage, cherry peppers, chopped garlic and shallots.    

Charrito's, Weehawken

Mexican restaurants glory in colorful kitsch, and Charrito's is no slouch in that category, with horses galloping across the wall and grinning fantasy animals, birdcages and other ornamentation.


Acapulco whole fried red snapper at Charrito's (Facebook)

The dining room at Charrito's is one of the state's most colorful, but you'll want to score a table on the outside patio, with its sweeping view of Manhattan. They're known for their potent margaritas, fresh fish, and guacamole made tableside.



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