The best burger in every county

The best burger in every county

27 Mayıs 2018 - 02:00

Forget about Dunkin', America runs on burgers. Nearly 60 percent of Americans eat at least one burger a week, and McDonald's is by far the largest restaurant chain by sales. Our recent ranking of NJ's 23 burger chains from worst to best was a huge hit with readers.

Now you might say, enough already with burgers, but it is National Hamburger Month, so it's only natural to follow that up with the best burger in each  of New Jersey's 21 counties. Almost all of the places are on this list are non-chains: bars, bistros, restaurants, diners, roadside hangouts. It's one burger fanatic's rating of the best; let the juicy debate begin. 

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Atlantic: Vagabond Viking Burger, Vagabond Kitchen & Tap House, Atlantic City

Vagabond Kitchen & Tap House in Atlantic City is in its own little waterfront world, in the city's Chelsea Heights section. The draft beer selection is craft only, although you can get mainstream beers in bottles. The Vagabond is a hefty handful; dig the Vagabond name imprinted on the bun. The burger, a side of fries with the sriracha mayo dipping sauce, and a cold one, and you're all set. There is another location in Galloway.

Runners-up: Pittsburger, Tailgaters Sports Bar & Grille, Galloway; Classic SteakBurger, The Palm, Atlantic City. You'll need a hearty appetite to tackle the Pittsburger; it's three pounds of meat - six patties - topped with bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato and an onion ring.  

Saed Hindash I NJ Advance Media for

Bergen: Cheeseburger, White Manna, Hackensack

In the burger world, you don't have to be big, fancy and fussy to be great. The burgers at the White Manna are tiny, but the smell of the grease and onions on the telephone-book-sized grill, and the diner's retro cuteness, make the Manna my number-one Bergen burger joint. There's a McDonald's right across the street. Talk about choices.

Runners-up: Double Diablo Burger, Mooyah, Lyndhurst; Meat Lovers Burger, Dog House Saloon, Washington Township. The Double Diablo, with jalapenos, applewood smoked bacon and Cholula hot sauce, lives up to its name at one of the top burger chains.


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