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Who is QShaman Jake Angeli from QAnon?

He didn't lead the hordes of people who made their way up the steps and through the doors and windows of the Capitol, but Angeli was seen in many videos and photos documenting the historic day. In one video posted on TikTok, Angeli spoke to a reporter about it being President Trump’s right to be put back into office rather than Joe Biden being eventually sworn in as the new president of the United States. Now, Angeli is recognized as one of the many faces of the riot.

Who is QShaman Jake Angeli from QAnon?
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Jake Angeli (born Jacob Anthony Angeli Chansley; circa 1988), also known as the "QAnon Shaman", "Q Shaman" and "Yellowstone Wolf", is an American conspiracy theorist and far-rightactivist who participated in the 2021 storming of the United States Capitol. He is a supporter of Donald Trump, and a proponent of QAnon, a false conspiracy theory that claims liberal figures are Satan-worshipping pedophiles and formed a deep state that plots against Trump.

Jake Angeli
BornJacob Anthony Angeli Chansley
1988 (age 32–33)
Other names
  • Q Shaman
  • QAnon Shaman
  • Yellowstone Wolf[1]

Following the storming of the Capitol on January 6, Angeli was posted as a person of interest with the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia. On January 8, Angeli told KPNX that he "wasn't worried" about possible charges. Misinformation labels Angeli as a member of various movements which he does not support, such as Antifa or Black Lives Matter. On January 9, Angeli was arrested on federal charges of "knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority, and with violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds".

Early life

Jake Angeli was born circa 1988, to Martha Chansley. He attended Moon Valley High School. When asked about her son's views, Chansley told ABC15 Arizona that "it takes a lot of courage to be a patriot", and says he is a Navy veteran. Angeli says that prior to his political activity he worked as an actor and voice-over artist.

He attended Moon Valley High Schoolin Phoenix, Arizona and Glendale Community College, where he completed some coursework in psychology, religion, philosophy, and ceramics.


Angeli says that prior to his political activity he worked as an actor and voice-over artist, and kept a profile on the Backstage website.

Angeli has written two self-published books, Will & Power: Inside the Living Library (Volume 1) (using the pen name Loan Wolf) and One Mind at a Time: A Deep State of Illusion (using the name Jacob Angeli). He also produced and narrated 11 videos espousing various conspiracy theories and uploaded them onto the platform Rumble in late 2020.


Angeli has been a supporter of Donald Trump, has a social media following, and has attended rallies supporting QAnon mostly in and around Phoenix. At various rallies in Arizona he was seen shouting about QAnon conspiracy theories and carrying a sign that says "Q Sent Me."

Before attending far-right rallies, Angeli was noticed in 2019 for frequently protesting alone outside the Arizona Capitol, espousing various conspiracy theories. He was reported as a shamanic practitioner when attending a climate activismprotest in Arizona. He began wearing his distinctive fur hat and face paint to attract attention so that he could then talk about QAnon and "other truths", he told The Arizona Republic in early 2020; in 2021 he called his outfit "Shaman" dress. He appeared at a Black Lives Matter protest in the Phoenix area as well.

Besides appearances at Trump rallies, Angeli protested COVID-19 lockdowns in Arizona. Following the 2020 United States presidential election, Angeli's protests focused on challenging the results of the vote in Arizona.[16][24] He camped outside the Maricopa County Courthouse during the vote counting process, and gave a speech at a rally there on November 7, the day that president-elect Joe Biden announced his win, declaring, "This election has not been called! Don't believe that lie! They got their hands caught in the cookie jar and we're going to the Supreme Court! Trump always looks like he's going to lose. And then he wins."

Participation in Capitol storming

Main article: 2021 storming of the United States Capitol

Court transcripts reveal Angeli related to the FBI that he had traveled to the Capitol "as a part of a group effort, with other ‘patriots’ from Arizona, at the request of the President that all ‘patriots’ come to DC on January 6, 2021”.

During the 2021 storming of the United States Capitol on January 6, Angeli entered the United States Senate floor in the Capitol, wearing his symbolic shamanic attire, including a horned fur headdress, and war paint in red, white, and blue, as well as carrying a six-foot-high (1.8 m) spear, with an American flag tied below the blade. He was also photographed standing on the raised platformin front of Vice President Mike Pence's chair. Following the riot, Angeli told reporters, "The fact that we had a bunch of our traitors in office hunker down, put on their gas masks and retreat into their underground bunker, I consider that a win." In addition to his choice of clothing, media sources speculated regarding Angeli's choice of tattoos. He said that police had initially blocked the crowd from entry, but had then specifically allowed them entry, at which point he entered. On January 8, Angeli was posted as a person of interest with the Washington DC Police. Interviewed while wanted, Angeli said that he believed he did nothing wrong, telling NBC: "I walked through an open door, dude." Angeli had no criminal record in Arizona prior to the 2021 Capitol riot.

On January 9, Angeli was arrested and brought up on U.S. federal charges of "knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority, and with violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds". A Capitol police special agent was quoted as saying that he pegged Angeli by his “unique attire and extensive tattoos covering his arms and left side of his torso". Angeli voluntarily spoke to the Washington Field Office of the FBI prior to his arrest. Once in prison Angeli reportedly refused to eat because the food served was not organic.

Other notable beliefs

Angeli has stated his belief that televisions and radios emit "very specific frequencies that are inaudible" and "affect the brain waves of your brain.” Angeli also stated his belief in the Bilderberg conspiracy and his belief that Freemasons designed Washington, D.C., according to "ley lines" that amplify the Earth’s magnetic field. In reflecting on the Capitol storming, Angeli said that “What we did on Jan. 6 in many ways was an evolution in consciousness, because as we marched down the street along these ley lines, shouting ‘USA’ or shouting things like ‘freedom’... we were actually affecting the quantum realm.”

Conspiracy theories

Following the Capitol Hill riot, rumors circulated among conspiracy theorists that Angeli was associated with the anti-fascist Antifa movement or the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement and had infiltrated the event as an agent provocateur. In a January 6 tweet from his Twitter account, USAwolfpack, Angeli responded to speculations made by Trump campaign lawyer Lin Wood: "Mr. Wood. I am not antifa or blm. I'm a Qanon & digital soldier. My name is Jake & I marched with the police & fought against BLM & ANTIFA [in] PHX." Snopes investigated the statement, concluding that he was not affiliated with Antifa and was an active Trump supporter.

There was also speculation that Angeli colluded with Nancy Pelosi's son-in-law, Michiel Vos, seen in a photo with him outside the U.S. Capitol Building. Snopes wrote that Vos is a reporter with RTL, and the image is from a story on the protests which Vos wrote for Dutch news program RTL Boulevard.

False rumors spread as users on social media mistook Angeli for Jay Kay, the lead singer of Jamiroquai, with people referring to him as "Jamiroquai" or "Pseudo Jamiroquai". This case of mistaken identity comes from a supposed visual resemblance and that Kay has worn a Native American war bonnet while performing. On the day after the Capitol attack, Kay released a short video telling his fans that he was not associated with the protest, stating "It wasn't my crowd".


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